For the last 10 years, I have written and kept my most precious stories in journals. I hoped that one day I could share them with just my kids and grandchildren, but knowing how easy it is to lose those journals in a blazing fury of flames one day in a potential house fire, I decided to resort to a more permanent location for my entries: a blog.


I love the art of journalism and expressing your viewpoints of the world. Looking back on my view of the world has changed with my mentality. The problems I faced as a 6th grader, are a lot different from the problems I dealt with as a freshman in college.

I hope you find these entries as amusing as I do.

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Off-topic: Mental Illness

This is the day and age where Mental Illness has spread like HIV in the 60’s. It’s everywhere. Our music(Logic’s amazing ballad: 1-800-273-8255), our television (Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why), and the gallery of instagram/Tumblr accounts beautifying a horrible problem people, including me, are struggling with everyday. It’s NOT COOL. I hate when I see a … Continue reading Off-topic: Mental Illness

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